‘Urban Farm’ Development Planned for Far West Bozeman


'Urban Farm' Development Planned for Far West Bozeman


By Nora Shelly, Chronicle Staff Writer
Photo Samuel Wilson

Developers are proposing about nine acres of residences as one part of a larger development in the far west corner of Bozeman.

This phase of the “Urban + Farm’’ development comprises 8.73 acres west of South Laurel Parkway and south of May Fly Street. City commissioners last month approved a preliminary plat for the subdivision, which splits it into 31 residential lots, four open space lots and one park lot.

The plot is bordered by single-family homes to the north and undeveloped land on the other sides. City planner Nakeisha Lyon said during the meeting that the land bordering the development to the west is under a conservation easement, while the land bordering it to the south and east is likely to be developed in the near future.

The land is zoned R-5, residential mixed-use high density. Lyon said that 10 of the lots are proposed to be developed for multi-family housing, while others will be for single-family homes.

Jimmy Talarico, who works for engineering firm Cushing Terrell and represented the project in front of city commission, said the second phase of the development will be mostly multi-family housing but they wanted some transition between the single-family neighborhood to the north.

“We understand this is R-5, but we understand we are adjacent to single-family lots to the north,” Talarico said. “We did think it was important to have one area of transition from single-family lots to higher density multifamily.”